Creating A Breeze Meeting _____________Tech Tip

A Breeze Meeting allows a user to lead a virtual meeting through voice, video, text, and other media.  A meeting gives the Host overarching control over the experience while effectively communicating ideas, documents, and media to attendees.  A meeting also allows other users to act as presenters, with the host remaining in control of their presentation privileges.  Users will generally need a URL (or web address) or a direct l ink to the meeting to access and participate in the meeting.  A meeting can also be set to  appear in a user’s “ Scheduled Meetings” field.

Brief Instructions

  1. Login in to
  2. Select “New Meeting” from the “Create” menu on the left of the screen.
  3. Add participants and fill in necessary information.
  4. Enter the room.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Navigate to “” with your web browser.  Please note that you will need Macromedia’s Flash Plug-in installed in your browser to use Breeze.  For more information on using Flash and other browser plug-ins, please see the Browser Plug-ins Tech Tip.

  1. Enter your Breeze login information in the appropriate fields to the left of the Breeze window, then click “Login.”

  1. Click on the “New Meeting” link from the “Create” Menu, located on the left of the Breeze window.  
  2. Next, enter all required information in the appropriate field.
    1. Start Time- The time and date when the meeting will be open to meeting participants .
    2. You may also use a “ Custom URL” to link to your meeting.  This allows users to more easily remember the online location of the meeting.
    3. Required fields are marked by a red asterisk.

  1. Click the “Next ” button when you’ve entered the details of your Breeze meeting.

  2. if you don’t wish to add Participants now, then you can click the “Finish ” Button.

  1. To add meeting Participants, you can select the User’s name or the User group from the “Available Users and Groups” field , then click the “Add” button.
    1. If a User you wish to invite is not present, they may not have a user name and password. To participate in a Breeze meeting, you must have a UCDavis Breeze account.
    2. Groups are represented by an icon depicting two figures, and individuals appear with only one .
  2. Users you invite to your meeting will be moved to the “Current Participants F or Meeting Name ” field, located to the right of the “Available Users and Groups ” field.
    1. To set Permissions for each User, select the User or Group name, and then click “Permissions.”  The following options will appear:
      1. Host- Host Permissions grant full privileges and control of all features , allowing a User to add participants, edit the layout of the meeting, alter the Permissions of other Users, etc .
      2. Presenter - Presenter Privileges allow a User to share their screen and use each Pod’s features.
      3. Participant- the most basic privilege level, Participant Permissions allow participation mainly through the meeting’s chat function . Virtually all Permissions for users of this class are under the control of the Host
    2. Once you’ve finished inviting your desired participants and set Permissions for your meeting, click “Next” .


  1. Once you have added your Participants, you will be presented the option to send invitations to each of your Participant .  The meeting Host may send a brief email to:
    1. All Hosts, Presenters and Participants
    2. Host Only
    3. Presenters Only
    4. Participants Only
  2. Use the Text Input area to compose the contents of your invitation email .  This Message Body will be sent to the Participants you selected in the “To:” field. 
  3. You may also add a Subject line to your Invitation Email in the “Subject ” field.

  1. Click the “Finish” button on the bottom of the window to send you invitation to the selected Participants and create your meeting.
  2. The Meeting Information Screen should appear with your meeting’s basic information . 
    1. To enter the meeting, click the “Enter Meeting Room” button.