Breeze Presenter Tool

Creating a Basic Presentation_______________Tech Tips

The Breeze Presenter tool allows users to create a standalone presentation for the web using a PowerPoint plug-in , including slides, audio, and quiz features.

  1. Create a Presentation Using Microsoft Power Point
  2. Export using the Macromedia Breeze Plug-in
  3. Upload the Breeze Presentation to the Breeze Server or locally to your device


Detailed Instructions

  1. First, download and install the Breeze Presenter Plug-in, available at via the “Getting Started” link.
    1. Please see the “Introduction to Breeze Presenter” Tech Tip for detailed instructions on downloading the plug-in and the features associated with the program. 
  2. Next, open Microsoft Power Point.
  3. If you don’t already have a previously created PowerPoint presentation, please create one now.
    1. For assistance and tips on creating a presentation, you can also consult the ET Partners site at, where you will find several Tech Tips on PowerPoint presentations and use.
  4. From the PowerPoint menu bar along the top of the PowerPoint window, click the “Breeze” menu, and select the “Publish” option . 
  1. This will present you with the “Publish” menu pop-up.
    1. To publish to a location on your computer, select “My Computer”.
      1. My Computer” is the default publishing option .
      2. You may also manually select a location on your computer to save to or browse to a save location by clicking on the “Browse” button.
        1. You may choose to save your  presentation in the following formats:
          1. .Zip”- a “compressed” folder which will contain your presentation.
          2. Auto run for CD” – this will save the presentation as an executable program that will automatically begin when the storage media it is saved on (i.e., a CD-R, USB flash drive, etc) is inserted into a computer. If the presentation does not begin automatically, you may also double-click the file to begin your presentation.  
  1. To publish directly to a Breeze Server, click on the “Breeze Server” option (represented by an image of a globe) from the left hand side of the Publish menu.
    1. To click “Change Server…” to change the online server location for your file.
      1. To add a server destination, select the “ Add” option at the bottom of the “Breeze Presenter Preferences” window. 
  1. Enter the Name and URL of the new server location in the appropriate fields of the “Add Breeze Server” pop-up window, and click “Close” when finished. 
  1. A presentation skin, or Theme, may be customized.
    1. To select a different Theme, select the “Theme” drop down menu from the lower right corner of the “Publish” window . 
      1. Each Theme offers a different color palette.  The “ Preview” area below the Theme drop down menu will generate the layout. 
  1. To customize the presentation even more, please see the Technical Tip entitled “Presentation Settings ”.
  2. To publish the presentation, click the “Publish” button.

NOTE: All options set in the PowerPoint presentation will also be apparent in the Breeze presentation, including animations, effects, slide timing, and image quality. Also, slides will default to five second intervals. Please see the Presentation Settings Tech Tip for more information.