Creating Links in Existing Documents in Dreamweaver MX

A link is a clickable region of a webpage that navigates to another page, either within the same site or to another site on the World Wide Web.
A URL (which stands for “uniform resource locators”) is another way of saying web address (such as


  1. First, open Dreamweaver MX.  Next, we’ll open a file to insert links into.  To open a file, go to File>Open, or use the hotkey (or keyboard shortcut) Ctrl + O for windows, and Apple + O for Apple OS X.  This will bring up the “Open” menu, where you may navigate to the file you want to open. 


  1. For the first part of our tutorial, we will link the image “Moogle” to another website. We will first select the image. We do this by clicking on the image. When we highlight the image, the properties bar at the bottom of the Dreamweaver window will reflect the properties of the image; if the properties bar is missing, press Ctrl + F3 for PC or Apple + F3 for Mac OS X to reveal it.  The properties bar shows the source of the image (represented in the “Src” field), the width and height of the image, and, most importantly, where the image links to (represented in the “Lnk” field). When we put down another file or URL, this picture will link to that file or URL.

  2. We can also use the target to link to another page. We do this by clicking on the target, and dragging the line that appears to the appropriate file in the “Files” tab to the right.  

  3. We can also use the folder button to browse for internal files.  When you click on the folder button, a file browser opens. Navigate to the file you want to link to and click open. Dreamweaver will then automatically fill the location of the file in the “Lnk” field.

  4. Finally, we can type in the address of the file or web page you want to link to. For this example, we’ll enter the address

To preview any changes you make to your page, press F12.  This will show the page as rendered in your default browser. 
Prepared by the ET Partners Program, IET Mediaworks and UC Davis