In MyUCDavis, there is an option under the My Classes tab that allows you to view information about classrooms and labs on campus, as well as information about your classroom’s media and technical capabilities.  From this tab, you can also view your course’s web site, as well as the statistics for that webpage.

The different sections of the Administration tab are listed below.

  1. “Classroom info” takes you to the main Classroom Information page (as displayed above).
  2. “Class Roster” takes you to the official registrar’s list of students in the class (selected from your class list (11)).  You can click on each student to view their grade history, student ID, email address, Major, and Davis level (graduate, or undergraduate).
  3. “View Website Stats” shows you a pie chart describing your course web page’s visits by user type, including whether enrolled students, or Public/Anonymous viewers have viewed your pages. 
  4. “Classroom lookup” allows you to view information for lecture and discussion locations.  This lets you choose from a list of classrooms, and gives you pictures of each classroom, its dimensions, seating capacity, electric outlet info, ADA access information, and multimedia capabilities, as well as any special information about the classroom.
  5. “General assignment classroom summary” displays the unique features of each room in case there are special needs for professors in their discussions.
  6. “Classroom TCP/IP Configuration” gives a list of all classrooms with internet access as well as instructions for accessing the internet in classrooms on campus.
  7. “Lab Management’s Computer Classroom Guide” gives information about campus computer room hours of operation, software, and the locations of pc, mac, and open access labs.
  8. “Classroom Building Gallery” contains pictures of each building to find locations more easily.
  9. This takes you to the campus map
  10. “View Course Site” takes you to the course website created for the particular class selected in your list (11).  This is the same as accessing the website through the MyUCDavis Website Builder.
Prepared by the ET Partners Program, IET Mediaworks and UC Davis