Proxy Access

Proxy access connects your computer to the UC Davis computer network.  This allows your computer to access the internet as if it were connected through the UCDavis network with regards to access to various websites and databases.  This is useful for websites that only UCDavis students, professors, and/or faculty are allowed to access.

The following tutorial comes from the library services page at

Only UC Davis faculty, students, or employees may access our licensed resources off-campus.

Your computer has a campus network address and you are able to access licensed resources.
Proxy service is not needed now.  If you are currently affiliated with UCD, you may connect off-campus via:


When you are off-campus, you will need to:
1. Bookmark this page.
2. Set up your computer to access the Library's proxy service.
3. Use the Authenticate Now!button on this page whenever you begin browsing.
By following the numbered steps, you will be able to connect to the licensed resources as if you were using a computer directly connected to the UCD campus network. Normally you can configure your browser once and will only need to remove the changes when you leave the University.
Electronic resources are subject to copyright and license restrictions relating to how they may be used. By accepting your university computer privileges you have assumed personal responsibility for adhering to those restrictions and avoiding uses that are prohibited.
Anyone may access the UCD Library Harvest catalog, the MELVYL catalogs, and free resources.
Many databases of journal article citations and electronic versions of the cited journals are licensed commercial products that limit access to subscribers. UCD faculty, students, and staff can access most of those resources from:
Campus offices
Campus computer networks
UCD modem pool using university-provided login names and passwords.


Macintosh and all other Browser Users
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Regular Login Procedure:

We recommend that you start with the Authenticate Now button when you begin browsing.
Authenticate Now!

Coping with special problems.

Macintosh computers can't use Internet Explorer or Safari.
ISP-branded browsers interfere with proxy service (e.g. AOL,Yahoo).
ISP accelerator software interferes with proxy service (e.g. Earthlink).
Parental control software can interfere with proxy service
ISP blocks use of a proxy service (e.g. Ygnition).
Firewalls can interfere with proxy service.