Combining Multiple PowerPoint Presentations

When creating a new presentation, you might consider using material from older presentations for reference.  You might also work on two different presentations on two different computers, and decide to combine them later.  This is where the slide finder tool in PowerPoint comes in handy.

The following software is required for this tutorial:

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint (version 2003 or newer) (or for Macintosh, it is included in Microsoft office; This tutorial uses Office 2003 & 2004.)
  2. Two PowerPoint Presentations you would like to combine


  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Open the first presentation you wish to insert the second presentation, or individual slides, into.
  3. Merging Slides - The best way to merge slides is to use the Slide Finder tool.  Click the Insert Menu, and then click the Slides from File command.

Instruction for Windows User:
(scroll down for Macintosh)

  1. In this dialog, you can locate the second PowerPoint presentation file in which you wish to copy slides from.  You can then insert them into the first presentation either individually, or all at once.
    1. To locate the second presentation, click the Browse… button at the top right of the prompt.


    1. After finding your second presentation, click ok to return to the slide finder prompt.  You are now able to select the slides from the second presentation you wish to insert into your first presentation.  Click once on each slide to select it for insertion and click again to deselect that slide.  You can click on as few or as many slides as you’d like to insert. If you would like to copy the entire presentation, you can click the Insert All button at the bottom right of the prompt.


*Note* For extremely large presentation copies (minus a few slides), consider switching views by clicking the alternate view box.

    1. Then, select the first slide in the list, scroll to the bottom of the list, press and hold shift, click the last slide, and then release shift.  To unselect individual items within the list, hold down ctrl, click the slide that you do not want, and release the ctrl key (or apple key).
    2. You can insert multiple presentations by repeating this process for each file presentation.


Instruction for Macintosh Users:

  1. Find your second PowerPoint presentation.  Decide whether you wish to include all, or just a few of the slides from that presentation.  If you wish to include all of the slides, you can simply click Insert in the bottom right corner of the prompt.  However, if you wish to include some slides from the second presentation, make sure to click on the Select slides to insert ticker.  Then press the Insert button.

  2. This will take you to a new prompt that will allow you to select the individual slides you want.

  3. Click once on each slide you wish to include, and press insert.  This will then automatically import the slide without closing the Slide Finder window, which will allow you to choose more slides. Alternatively, you can click on one slide, press and hold the shift key, click another slide, (and another, and another, etc), then release the shift key, and then press insert.
  4. As soon as you are done selecting and inserting your slides, you can close the prompt and return to your presentation by pressing the Close button. 
  5. You can insert multiple presentations by repeating this process for each file presentation.
Prepared by the ET Partners Program, IET Mediaworks and UC Davis