Research Support

IET-Academic Technology Services provides two groups of services that are of use to our researchers at UC Davis:

  • Media Production Services
  • Software Applications.

Media Production Services

We have a team of professional video and audio producer-directors, photographers, graphic artists and
animators who are ready to help you develop posters for a conference, photographs for professional journal
publications and journal covers, simulations to demonstrate a concept, documentaries, webcasts and many other
multimedia production needs you might have to help demonstrate and/or document your research. Contact Mediaworks
[] for further information and/or a quote.

Software Applications

We provide the campus with a multitude of applications that have numerous uses in your research

  • SmartSite Project Sites provides you an online venue to organize your research and collaborate
    with your colleagues on your research project. SmartSite is available to you free of charge.
    Visit for more information and
    access to the SmartSite team.
  • Breeze Presenter is a way to create fast content for online delivery. Video record a presentation, combine
    it with your PowerPoint slides using Presenter, and you will have a searchable, indexed web-ready presentation that
    you can have streamed, or put on a DVD to have available for fellow researchers or students view privately. Breeze
    Presenter Licences are available at cost. If you would like Mediaworks to put the presentation together for you,
    there will be an hourly labor charge. Contact Armando Arbizo [] for more information.
  • Webcasting – should you wish to webcast your research discoveries or findings – we have a team
    standing by who can video record and stream your presentation on fairly short notice. We’ll give you the URL to provide
    to your viewers. This is a fee for service production process. Contact Paul VerWey [] for more information and to make arrangements.